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Self-adhesive anti-slip tape

Anti-slip safety grip tape is a self-adhesive anti-slip solution. Our tapes are hard wearing and very effective anti slip solution. We can offer different colours, widthy adhesives, sizes and shapes, with the option of custom lengths to suit your needs.

We produce Safety Grip™ in 3 grades:

  • Standard – 60 grit, self-adhesive anti-slip tape can be used for most situations, the abrasive coating provides a excellent level of grip and friction without being to hard on skin, which is why standard Safety Grip is perfect for industrial or home use.
  • Pro – 36 grit, self-adhesive anti-slip tape has a deeper, industrial grade anti-slip grip. Because of the level of grit our coarse material contains it is best for solely industrial purposes, this material is a hard wearing harsh material, and provides an excellent level of grip.
  • Extreme – 30 grit, this is a unique product. It is suitable for industrial, extreme or outdoor terms, the deep grit prevents clogging of dirt and dust, because of the thickness of the material we apply a higher grade adhesive to prevent any lifting, we also use a thicker plastic layer to prevent any splits or damage to the material, this process makes it much more durable.

Anti skid tape can be applied to most surfaces, instantly providing an anti slip surface which is ready to walk on.

Anti skid tape is available in a wide range of colours, which are as follows:





  • easy application
  • wide range of sizes, shapes and colour
  • water resistant
  • excellent durability in internal and external environments
  • very effective;

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