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Short-term film is a perfect prevention against damage and scratches during assembly, storage, show room demonstration or transportation

  • Short term resistant to abrasion and weathering
  • No impact on the protected surface (no contamination with adhesive)
  • No adhesive transfer when peeling off
  • Easy to laminate smoothly at ambient temperature without wrinkles or air bubbles
  • Protective films – easy to remove – exclusively used for application on powedered-coated surfaces.
Specialties is a range of high technology self – adhesive products, developed for specific industrial applications, particularly in the medical, optical or security fields, etc.

Resistant to short contact with water, detergents, alcohol and some aliphatic solvents.

Shelf life – 2 years when stored at 15/25° C and ± 50 % relative humidity.


Key benefits:

  • better material control
  • easy, accurate application
  • higher production efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • full product documentation

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