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On the basis of raw materials we make one-sided adhesive tapes ideally adapted to client requirements and matching specific functions and ways of application.

We make a wide range of one-sided tapes for different applications:

  • Aluminium foil tape (standard and reinforced) for insulation in air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Sealing tapes for roof foil and membranes, butyl and bitumen tapes used in roofing
  • Warning, anti-slip (non-skid) and packaging tapes
  • Making tapes for construction industry and powder coating
  • Electrical insulation and self-amalgamating tapes for cable harnessing and insulation
  • Silicone splicing tape
  • Duct tape and metallized film tape
  • Anti-corrosion ZincTape

Sample functions of one-sided tapes for different materials:


Functions PE foam tapes EPDM rubber tapes Felt/Non-woven fabric tapes
Vibration dampening
Noise reduction
Anti-slip / Non-skid
Insulation  pipes and cables protective insulation
roofing sheets electrical insulation
construction carpentry
between wooden logs
facade systems
weather resistant (moisture, oils, acids, temperaturę changes)
Stiffening and filling stiffening and filling for protective and working clothes production as well as for sports, orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment
Protection felt anti-scratch glides for furniture, white goods, lamps, etc.

Key benefits:

  • customizable to individual requirements
  • easy, accurate mounting
  • higher production efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • full product documentation

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