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Anti-vandalism protective films are effective in protecting smooth surfaces such as glass, acrylic glass, plastics or car body from acts of vandalism. The film has a protective layer resistant to all types of scratching by means of sharp tools, keys, coins and so on.

Anti-graffiti protective films secure smooth surfaces and ensure quick and easy removal of graffiti, paint overspray and the likes. Defaced surfaces can be washed with standard cleaning detergents, with no need to replace the film. This means reduced costs related to removing the effects of vandalism.

Protective films can be used in a variety of places, eg. in public buildings, offices, houses, hotels, restaurants, shops, public transport, bus and tram stops or in trains. Protective film is also used to protect information boards, mirrors, sound absorption panels, outdoor advertising and billboards.

Key benefits:

  • Effective protection of flat surfaces – glass panes, acrylic glass, car bodies
  • Excellent transparency
  • Easy to dismount 
  • Lower cost of replacing the film, not the glass

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