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We make double-sided adhesive tapes using different types of carriers and adhesives according to custom specifications suitable for specific applications, functionality, connection, materials, loads or other requirements.

Double-sided tapes are used to permanently or temporarily connect and mount all types of materials. They consist of a carrier (foam, film, grid, fabric or interfacing), adhesive on both sides (usually acrylic or rubber-based) and the release liner (film or silicone paper).

We also offer transfer tapes in rolls of up to 1600mm.

Double-sided mounting tapes make it possible to splice cardboard, paper, leather, textiles, plastics, metal, powder coated metal, glass, aluminum, polycarbonates, ceramics, marble, wood, felt, rubber, foam, film and plasterboard. An important factor in the choice of the right carrier and adhesive mix is the surface type and requirements regarding strength, resistance to temperature, oil, acids, UV radiation, water, rain and compression and shear forces.

We can cut double-sided tapes to custom width between 4 mm and 1600 mm with a tolerance of 0.5 mm. We also offer sheets and shapes die or kiss cut to custom specifications (technical drawing in PDF for more elaborate patterns).

Key benefits:

  • customizable to individual requirements
  • easy, accurate mounting
  • higher production efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • full product documentation

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