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One-way perforated window film Illusion Interior Mount with TOKE-Grip technology is a one-of-its-kind one-way perforated film with print on adhesive technology. The film uses a revolutionary TOKE coating, which is the ink-receptive layer for both printing and mounting.

The technology allows easy single-step interior mounting on the printed side. No need for adhesives or mounting tapes.

The TOKE film is repositionable and removable, which allows easy mounting on glass and plastic surfaces.

Key features & benefits:

  • can be easily mounted and dismounted by non-professional installers
  • interior mounting on the printed side
  • repositionable and removable
  • interior window graphics and effectively protected from weather conditions and vandalism

Learn more about the benefits of TOKE shop window film technology.

Key benefits:

  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Leaves no traces
  • Reusable
  • Resistant to weather conditions

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12-24 month durability of the layer and the print