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To manufacture felt and non-woven fabric products we use technical felt, which is a textile produced by matting, condensing and pressing wool fibers together, sometimes together with animal fur, cotton and viscose fibers. Technical felt has good sound and heat absorption properties.

We use grey felt to manufacture a wide range of gaskets, sound and thermal insulation as well as vibration dampening products. Grey felt is an excellent filtering material protecting from dust. White felt is used in multiple industries such as construction, steel, footwear, furniture and others.

In our converting services we use:

  • technical felts commonly used to protect products from scratching, reduce noise or act as spacing
  • specialty non-flammable felts that can be used to sound-insulate spaces, eg. deaden the car engine, and be oil and water resistant. They do not emit any toxic substances, odors, etc.
  • large weight and thickness fabrics due to their sound deadening properties are used in places where we expect good acoustic and thermal insulation

We rewind fabrics from industrial bales to smaller rolls and slit to narrower widths. Thanks to a wide range of machines at our disposal we can die cut any shapes and gaskets. We offer adhesive coating for all types of felt and nonwovens. Depending on the client’s needs the products can be delivered in bulk, in sheets or in rolls.


  • material control during production
  • easy, accurate application
  • higher production efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • full product documentation

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