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Double protection barrier against corrosion based on innovative technology.

Anti-corrosion tape ZincBit is an innovative technology based on double passive-active protection barrier. The product is a combination of two different layers of material. The inner layer is the sacrificial anode and the outer layer is the sealing membrane.

The result is a unique, effective anti-corrosion tape that provides active protection of the metal surface as well as physical-chemical passive protection.

ZincBit is solvent-free and environmentally friendly. It was designed to provide permanent protection of underground structures throughout their lifespans and eliminate maintenance.

ZincBit is a combination of the electro-conductive, adhesive, laminar zinc tape, whose main objective is to provide active corrosion protection, and the self-adhesive membrane made from a polymer-modified bitumen with HDPE carrier foil, which acts as external sealing and protects it against any chemical or mechanical damage.

ZincBit tape coated with electro-conductive adhesive is a step ahead for corrosion protection technology for any type of metal.

ZincBit provides effective corrosion protection:

Active protection is provided by the sacrificial action of the high purity laminated zinc (>99.95%) by its electro-conductive adhesive which ensures a positive electric connection between the metal substrate and the zinc so that it can act as a sacrificial galvanic anode.

Passive protection is given by the top coat, bonded to the zinc film, that is composed of a membrane made from a polymer-modified bitumen with HDPE carrier film. It bonds in an excellent way to the zinc, sealing and protecting it against any external attack and any mechanical damage.

Chemical protection comes from the special composition of the outer coat that provides a resistance to all the aggressive substances that naturally occur in soils.


Application of ZincBit tape is quick and easy.


Designed to protect underground structures and extend their lifespans.


ZincBit protected structures do not need maintenance, which reduces costs.

Solvent-free and environmentally friendly.


Underground pipes

Street light poles

Underground steel storage tanks

Joints between underground and overground steel structures


Anti-corrosion protection by means of insulating coating (paint, plastics, rubber and so on) achieves only passive protection of the surface. ZincBit coating with electro-conductive adhesive represents an effective step ahead in the technique of protection against spontaneous corrosion of all metal structures. ZincBit inner layer ensures a positive electrical connection between the metal substrate and the zinc through the specially formulated electro-conductive adhesive.

The high dissolution tension of zinc tape and its fixing to the steel surface by means of binder in the electro- conductive film permits, whenever in some areas there is a lack of coating or whenever an electrolyte infiltrates between the metal structures and the zinc tape, the immediate formation of a galvanic cell, in which the zinc becomes an anode dissolving itself and protecting the metal structure (cell cathode). In this case the product executes “active protection” of the metal surface.


ZincBit’s outer layer is a self-adhesive bituminous sealing membrane, cold-applied. It is a self-adhesive, flexible crack-bridging made from polymer-modified bitumen with HDPE carrier film on one side.

The self-adhesive bituminous sealing membrane with HDPE carrier film ensures immediate resistance to water and driving rain. It is flexible, tear-resistant and cold-bending. It is environmentally friendly and is resistant to all aggressive substances that occur in soils. It does not contaminate ground water.

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