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Anti-graffiti films effectively protect flat surfaces such as glass, acrylic glass, plastics or car body. Removing scribbles and drawings made with paint, ink or markers becomes quick and easy. Washing affected areas is done with standard cleaning detergents, with no need to replace the film. This kind of protection leads to reduction of costs related to acts of vandalism.

Anti-graffiti protective films can be used in places such as public buildings, offices, houses, hotels, restaurants, shops, public transport, bus stops and in trains. The film is also used for protection of information boards, mirrors, sound absorbing panels, outdoor advertising and billboards.

Advantages of anti-graffiti protective films:

  • Easy and safe removal of graffiti paint
  • Reduced graffiti removal costs
  • Easier repairs
  • Removable
  • High level of transparency
  • Easy mounting and removal

Key benefits:

  • durable
  • optically clear
  • removable
  • easy to clean up
  • protects from intentional and unintentional damage
  • improves safety

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